Sunday, June 13, 2004

Contactees verses Abductees

So what is the difference between alien contact and alien abduction? My research indicates there's a great deal of difference.>

Contactees have dream-like or conscious contactswith aliens. This means they are not being 'taken' at least NOT with malevolence - violent acts of aggression. Contactees remember large class room type settings, being taught things WITHOUT being physiologically or physically harmed.

Abducteeshave very little memory and usually express they have genuine symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder filled with night terrors, anxiety, unable to sleep, and feel psychologically and physically beaten up. In many instances the 'screen memory' contains fairly benign information, example: feeling of flying, seeing UFO's, have missing time, often recant stories of animals such as owls, dogs, etc. They also report marks, bruises, feeling like they've been sexually assaulted, So if you are having this type of experience - you're being abducted.

Contactees who are not abductees will often chastise the abductee stating the latter isn't enlightened or spiritually able to handle the experiences! That is utter garbage. Many abductees are enlightened and very spiritual.

Contactees must come to understand that contact and abduction are totally different. Is it possible that contacts are not alien in nature? Perhaps these soft willowy beings are actually dimensional teachers and have noting to do with being 'taken'! Many abductees report similar experiences separate from their abduction scenarios.What do you think?


Blogger The Right Reverend Occulto said...

Hi CJ! Great blog. We hope you keep working on it. We at the Institute have similar interests, and our research (which is based on other, more actual research) indicates the contacee phenomena is essentially rooted in the occult spiritism of, ya know, back in the day. Meanwhile the modern alien abduction phenomena, despite its semblances to fairy lore from across the world, is new, to us, anyway (we suspect the similarities to fairy lore are intentionally invoked by the gray menace). We agree with you in suggesting that the abduction and contacee experience are completely different events; i.e., one is real, and the other is not. Of course, reality is a sticky mess. Please feel free to check out the Institute at Thanks, and keep postin'!

July 22, 2004 at 2:38 AM  

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